The primaries are over. Remove any distractions, pray for wisdom, and do your research. Keeping our republic is more important than the daily cannon fodder that goes along with politics.

For those who are contemplating staying home on Nov. 6 because of your options, do not. It is imperative that we support the Republican party platform which you can see at, under the organization tab, and vote Republican. Please vote Kris Kobach for Governor, Scott Schwab for Secretary of State, Derek Schmidt for Attorney General, Roger Marshall for the 1st Congressional District and Les Mason and Paul Waggoner for Kansas House.

Then, get involved. If you had to hold your nose this election cycle, you can help shape the next one. "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty," said Maj. Gen. James Jackson. Do not be complacent now. Let your voice be heard and vote Republican. God bless you.

Nick Reinecker