In his June 19 Western Front editorial, Bob Layne stated that he "sends . . . thanks even to those who vigorously hammered me over the years". Layne appears to only appreciate the "good" opinions of Democrats and decries any Republican ideal. Perhaps he has not been "vigorously hammered" by disagreement but hasn't met anyone who agrees with Democrat plans for open borders, sanctuary cities and abortion.

Layne goes on to imply that it is wrong for the United States to have a strong military. He also implies that those who oppose his views are "in darkness" and unwilling to "let some light shine in." This imagery paints the Democrat Party as the party of "light," and the Republican Party is the Party of "darkness."

Remember that it was Michelle Obama who said this about Republicans: "When they go low, we (Democrats) go high." Are the following examples cases of "going high"? Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono from Hawaii: "Conservatives don't deserve due process." Former Attorney General Eric Holder in the Obama Administration: "When they (Republicans) go low, 'kick' them."

Hillary Clinton: "if we . . . win back the House and/or Senate, that's when civility can start again." Thus, Hillary is giving her permission for Antifa, etc. to use violence on those who oppose the Democrat Party. Were the above examples those of a political party (Democrats) going high? I think not.

If the above examples are what the Party of "Light" (Democrat) stands for, then I want nothing to do with such an "enlightened" political party. If that means that this "deplorable," irredeemable," "crumbs" recipient is a supporter of the Party of "Darkness" (Republican), then that is the political party that I can support.

Ron Etchison