Laura Kelly is our only sensible choice for governor. After years of a reckless governor and secretary of state, we desperately need a seasoned, thoughtful and intelligent public servant who understands the problems we face and will find bipartisan solutions.

As a long-time respected state senator, Laura Kelly has vision, and although it won’t be easy, she vows to return Kansas to fiscal responsibility, restore our educational funding, and repair our infrastructure. She understands that Kansas agriculture is our lifeline and she has developed plans to help Kansas farmers and rural communities survive and thrive.

Democracy can succeed right here and right now. Billionaires can shower the fairy gold dust of cash to buy far-right politicians but they cannot crowd into the voting booth with you. Only you can cast your vote and your vote for Laura Kelly will help bring about a better Kansas. The only way your vote won’t count is if you don’t.

Harriet Hawley Bearce