A local farmer’s livestock has been killed.

Corey Tucker, co-owner of Dream Acres Cattle Co., Pomona, reported in a Facebook post Monday night that one of the farm’s 400 pound calves was shot to death sometime after dusk in the 3000 block of Kentucky Road. The calf appeared to have sustained multiple head wounds.

According to Tucker, a neighbor photographed the body and then left to notify Tucker. When they returned, the body was gone.

“We did see a car in the area within minutes of the calf missing,” Tucker said. “If anyone would know who owns a older Ford Crown Victoria blue in color with a headlight burnt out and a light bar strapped to the grill please let me know, car was later seen last night in Pomona.”

Tucker received an outpouring of support on Facebook. The Franklin County Sheriff’s department estimated the loss to be $800, and confirmed an ongoing investigation into the shooting.