The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has been combing through a property in the 800 block of E. Eighth St., just east of Cherry Street in Ottawa, for evidence in a cold case.

Rick Geist, Franklin County undersheriff, said investigators have been at the residence since Thursday morning.

“We had reason to come over here looking,” Geist said Friday afternoon. “We are in the clean up stages now to get this hole filled back in. It is a cold case we have been working on for some time. We have been working on cold cases. We have got three or four active cases we have been working that have happened in the past.”

Geist would not be specific in which cold case or what led investigators to the property.

“I don’t want to at this point because of the ongoing investigation,” Geist said. “There is a lot of speculation out there which case it is. Who it involves? What is involved? When we get to the point where we can tell people [we will].”

Geist said an investigator has been working these cold cases for about five or six years.

“Through interviews, one thing led to another,” he said. “We want everybody to know we are actively working on these cold cases right now. Every time we do something like this, it leads into more leads, which is good for us. We will continue until we [find] the people responsible for these cold cases.”

The yard beside the mobile home has big holes where a backhoe was used to dig for evidence throughout Thursday and Friday morning. Geist would not confirm what evidence that was uncovered, but investigators would comb through what they found.

“It will take us a little bit yet,” Geist said.

Geist said some of these cold cases are tough to crack for a variety of reasons.

“We are dealing with years that have passed, witnesses we are looking for and some that have passed,” Geist said. “With the new scientific stuff we can still submit, that is helping us too. It leads us back to another lead.”

Geist hopes what was uncovered since Thursday gets them closer to a possible arrest.

“The people involved know we are getting closer,” Geist said. “It is a matter of time.”