In December 2018, Pratt County Attorney Tracey Beverlin requested help for her department in the way of an additional private investigator, in a Letter to the Editor, local citizen Larry Popovich wrote he would like to see a better fiscal investment for the situation.


In regards to the December 13, 2018 report from the Pratt County Commission meeting in which County Attorney Tracey Beverlin states that her office needs an independent investigator, I agree. I applaud her for keeping her office independent from the Pratt police and sheriff ’s offices. What I do object to is her proposed salary package for that investigator.

Apparently, Ms. Beverlin is oblivious to the fact that our community was outraged when the former city manager’s salary package was revealed through the news media. It turned out that the man was making a higher salary package than our former governor. If Ms. Beverlin would sim- ply google what the salaries are for police investigative personell for a community the size of Pratt, she would learn that the average salary is $40-$5,000 per year, not counting benefits. And, if Ms. Beverlin thinks that this salary is too low, she should post the job opening on the Pratt city website. She might be shocked at the response she would get.

Ms. Beverlin seems to believe the sky is the limit when it comes to city employees and salary packages. Pratt employs 30 per- cent more city and county workers than Great Bend does, and Great Bend has population of over 13,000, more than twice the size of Pratt. Pratt County has the second highest tax rate of any county in the state of Kansas.

I would not mind the $100,000 salary package Ms. Beverlin has proposed to hire help in her department, provided that Ms. Beverlin pay the difference between the average salary and her proposed salary out of her own pocket.