Sean Coleman, Vance Frick and Grant Duncan named natural resource officers by state training center.

Three Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, Tourism officers were among 60 new law enforcement graduates from the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC) last month.

The new officers were members of the 253rd basic training class at the center. Located one mile west and one mile south of Yoder, near Hutchinson, the center is a division of University of Kansas Professional & Continuing Education.

The graduates, who began their training Sept. 10, 2018, represented 45 municipal, county and state law enforcement agencies across Kansas.

Sean Coleman, Grant Duncan and Vance Frick, all natural resource officers from Pratt County, received

certificates of course completion from KLETC and Kansas law enforcement certification from the Kansas Commission on Peace Officers’ Standards and Training, the state’s law enforcement licensing authority, along with the other graduates. The training course fulfills the state requirement for law enforcement training. Classroom lectures and hands-on applications help train officers to solve the increasingly complex problems they face in the line of duty.

About 300 officers enroll annually in KLETC 14-week basic training programs. The center offers continuing education and specialized training to over 10,000 Kansas officers each year.