Growing up in Texas as a devout Southern Baptist — no drinking, gambling, smoking, profanity, etc., I sang “Jesus loves the little children, red and yellow, black and white” in Sunday school, but only saw white faces in our church pews.

With Jim Crow laws, our politicians made sure it stayed that way; segregated churches, schools, hospitals, transportation, water fountains, restrooms, juries, you name it.

They jerry rigged voting precincts, imposed poll taxes and denied rights anyway possible. Folks knew it wasn’t right but just turned a blind eye.

Things are better today, but maybe not as much as one might think. I’m seeing and hearing more of the same old stuff, just wearing different clothing.

With 1960s civil rights laws, Southern racism changed political hats from Democrat to Republican and since, have been joined by closet racists from across the nation.

I still see fellow Christians sacrifice values/principles of their faith and participate in the very evils they condemn on Sunday. Unfortunately, racism, bigotry and tribalism have always been lurking in the shadows of our nation, but now with Trump’s emergence, they’re back in vogue.

I hear rationalization of “God works in mysterious ways.” To this I say “Satan works in devious ways." Where they see a “wall-building Messiah," I see a “false prophet," dividing the nation, preying on human prejudices in exchange for our souls and our nation’s existence.

Outside of KKK, neo-Nazi and White supremacist, there are no religious or political agendas that justify promoting hatred, division and hurting others. Until now, that’s been the methodology employed by tyrants/despots and not by presidents of the United States.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I was raised to associate goodness and love with God  and hatred and evil with Satan. How about you?