eeting of the Franklin County 4-H Council was called to order on Dec. 3 at Celebration Hall by Isaac Wingert.

We had 11 members and 8 adults present. Kamryn Stinebaugh read the minutes from the previous meeting and they were approved as read. Nicholas Hatfield gave the treasurer’s report. Janae McNally gave the agent report. She informed us Tammy Egidy was the new program assistant for Anderson County. We also learned that District Club Days will take place on Feb. 23. We then proceeded to elect our 2018-19 officers. The new officers are as follows:

President: Ethan Hatfield

Vice President: Isaac Wingert

Secretary: Kamryn Stinebaugh

Treasurer: Timothy Pearce

Reporter: Karlie Stinebaugh

We then adjourned the meeting by saying the pledges. The next Franklin County 4-H Council meeting takes places 7 p.m. Jan. 28 at Celebration Hall.

— Karlie Stinebaugh, Reporter