The Ottawa school district’s school calendar will be lengthened by a couple of days, the superintendent said Thursday.

Ryan Cobbs wrote a letter to the Ottawa school patrons explaining the situation. Ottawa’s last regularly scheduled day for the current calendar is May 15.

“We will now be attending school on Thursday, May 16 and Friday, May 17, will be our last day of school for students,” Cobbs said. “This will not effect eighth grade students or senior students, as they will be released from school on May 8 for seniors and May 14 for eighth graders. Promotion and graduation for these students will remain on their scheduled dates.”

Cobbs said if there are more schools days that have to be canceled due to the winter weather, will mean additional days added to the calendar.

“We are still expected to have winter weather in the next few weeks, especially looking at the forecast for next week,” he said. “Any additional days canceled for weather will have to be added to the end of the year from this point forward.”

Cobbs said safety is the top priority in protecting the students from the elements in these situations.

“In making those decisions to close our schools, we now have fallen under the state minimum guidelines for attendance of 1,116 hours by more than a full day of school,” Cobbs said. “In order to guarantee that our schools meet that guideline, we need to provide additional days to our calendar at the end of the year.”

Cobbs said it was necessary to provide this information now, so patrons would be have this information as quickly as possible.