Representative Mark Samsel carried his first bill to the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives Wednesday. The bill was advanced to final action on a voice vote and will have a recorded voted today to send it on to the Kansas Senate.

The bill, HB 2038, helps Kansans ensure their property passes to the beneficiaries of their choice after a divorce. Representative Samsel said,

“Divorce is already a very difficult time and most people going through it don’t even consider its effects on their estate plans,” Rep. Samsel said. “Since 1939, Kansas law has provided that inheritance rights of a spouse under a will are automatically revoked upon divorce. This is consistent with the intent and wishes of most Kansans after divorce. While we hope that our Kansas families never have to endure a divorce, HB 2038 ensures that this sound public policy will now apply equally whether someone does their estate planning via a will, trust, beneficiary designation, or joint tenancy. We appreciate the efforts of the Kansas Judicial Council to help improve Kansas law in this regard.”

Rep, Samsel, from Wellsville, took office on Jan. 14 and is serving District 5.