Nearly three decades ago, Sherry Wright decided to take it upon herself to honor veterans with a Veterans Day parade in Ottawa. At the time, there was no such thing.

Wright announced after 28 years of directing and coordinating the Veterans Parade and events, she is stepping down.

“I would like to announce to everyone that I have chosen to Cora Thompson to be the New Field Of Flags Director,” Wright said. “Cora has helped the Veterans Parade Committee in several capacities for some time now. Cora’s heart for veterans has made her commitment to the committee an easy choice. Cora has been helping for three years with the flags, and has coordinated American Eagle and family into this area of Veterans Week. Thank you Cora for an outstanding Job in honoring our Veterans. Also Cora’s birthday is on Veterans Day.

The new parade directors and board will be announced soon.

Wright said several businesses and individuals stepped to the plate the past three decades to honor the veterans and make the events happen.

“Thank you American Eagle for the important part you play in this endeavor to respect and honor our veterans and their service to our country,” she said. “I also would like to thank everyone who has helped with the Field of Flags since we started utilizing that program.”

Harold Mayes was the original director of the Field of Honor. Others helping with that endeavor included: Vietnam Veterans Of America Chapter 912 for staking and plating the field at Forest Park; Franklin County Bikers Association, Bob and Cheryl Bishop and the rest of the gang; Roy Dunn, John Duncan, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Franklin County school teachers, The Ottawa Herald, KOFO, Ray Shumate, Gary Nicholson and Dennis Anderson.

Wright said many others pitched in and made the Field of Flags a huge success.

For questions about the Field of Flags, call or email Thompson at 785-219-2234 or