Elizabeth Ann 'Betsy' Scantlin, 78, of Hutchinson, left us on August 7, 2018.

Elizabeth Ann 'Betsy' Scantlin
Elizabeth Ann 'Betsy' Scantlin, 78, of Hutchinson, left us on August 7, 2018.
Betsy was born in Drumright, OK in 1940 and spent most of her adult life in Hutchinson. At age 16 her 'doe eyes' captured the heart of the love of her life, James G Scantlin. They attended college in Oklahoma then married in 1960. James and Betsy had 2 children, James Vinton and Sarah LeeAnn. Betsy held several jobs throughout the years but her favorite was always raising James and Sarah and being a homemaker. Following a personal tragedy, Betsy volunteered many hours as a spokesperson for the DUI Victims Center of Kansas.
Betsy was all about James and the kids! She was at every high school football game under a pile of blankets with her coffee. She could reach into the refrigerator, grab 3 things and quickly make a delicious dinner! She and James loved to host Sunday feasts at the big house. It was well known among close friends to show up, eat great food and enjoy the day!
Betsy's family was touched by tragedy and a miracle. Just after high school, Sarah was injured by being hit as a pedestrian by a drunk driver. She suffered traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries. She was wheelchair bound and could not communicate. Betsy always knew Sarah was still in there. Unexpectedly 20 years later Sarah spoke again! She had finally found her voice and miraculously given her family their joy back.
Through all of these events, Betsy was strong, matter of fact and realistic. She was always even keeled and dealt with what life brought her. She taught us to keep moving forward, tell it like it is and always find happiness in the little things. Momma Betsy will be missed . . .
Betsy is preceded in death by her husband, James; and daughter, Sarah. Survivors include her son, James V Scantlin / Beth McAnally of Nashville, TN; grandchildren, Marye Scantlin, Branson MO, Katherine Scantlin, Springdale AR, Patrick McAnally, Seattle WA, Corey McAnally, Fayetteville AR; and great granddaughter, Lunella Marie.