Amid all the headlines about Russian influence in elections, replacing Obamacare and threats from North Korea, there was a story this summer that you might have missed.

A smalltown lawyer from Kansas was elected president of the National Association of Attorneys General.

Derek Schmidt, 49, who previously represented Franklin County in the state Senate, remains a bright light in the Kansas political world, and it is reaffirming to see him at the top of this respected organization of top cops from 56 states and U.S. territories.

Schmidt’s qualifications are far better than anyone who might seek the office of governor in 2018, or he would be a natural replacement for Pat Roberts when he steps down as a U.S. senator from Kansas, which needs to happen in 2020.

In a world where cruel words and extreme stands seem to dot the political landscape, it is a privilege to know Schmidt and admire the way he goes about life.

We hope to see his name tossed into the big ring that already is forming for the governorship of Kansas.

In a mighty way, Kansas needs the gentleman from Independence.

Nothing would move him in that direction more than some friendly encouragement.

Tell Derek to run, and tell him soon.

— The Montgomery County Chronicle, Caney, Kansas