President Trump recently announced a ban of transgender people serving in the military. He did so in an early Wednesday morning tweet, evidently with little or no notice given to his White House staff or his officials with the armed services.

The military allows men to serve and women to serve. If there are individuals who consider themselves to be somewhere in the middle, yet they have a desire to offer up their service and would ultimately die defending our country, why ban them?

This is a different conversation than the debate over whether or not the military should pay for medical procedures for gender reassignment, or even the more public controversy on transgender bathroom use.

You don’t have to agree with someone on social or gender issues to appreciate their desire to serve this great country.

If a transgender person meets the qualifications of being a soldier and wants to serve honorably, let them.

If an individual wants to put themselves in harm’s way, so we don’t have to, thank them.

Soldiers are bound by duty, honor and country and shouldn’t be banned by gender.

— Washington County News, Washington, Kansas