Why should our tax dollars be used to provide re-assignment surgeries to trans-genders in the military? The cost of these kinds of surgeries can be very costly. Shouldn’t these dollars be used to strengthen our national defense?

I recently read an article on the internet about 90 days ago that stated the U.S. Department of Defense was looking at letting transgenders shower with female military personnel. Does this make any since? How many women want to shower with a male who says he is transgender and still has male genitals? How many times do we hear about sexual assault in the military?

President Obama pushed the gay agenda down our throats during most of his eight years of his administration. The military should not be used as a big social program for any group of people. I personally don’t care if gays are serving in the military. But to expect the American taxpayers to pick up the unnecessary medical cost of reassignment surgeries, hormone therapy, and mental-health issues associated with trans-gender’s serving in the military is just stupid.

The ACLU is already threatening court action against President Trump’s transgender ban. If a court challenge is made, it most likely will go to the U.S. Supreme Court for a final determination.

Our federal government needs to stay out of our lives and stop forcing the far-left liberal views down our throats. Everyone should respect each other and leave it at that. Our government should worry about the real threats from North Korea, Iran, Russia and China in which we face today in our national security arena.

I think this ban is appropriate and will with stand any court challenge in the future. As Americans, we should demand our federal government stop wasting our taxpayer dollars.

— Joseph Ferguson, Ottawa