My grandkids were up in the Paola rodeo last night.

My wife and I went over to watch them compete. We were standing in line behind a young lady with 3 three kids to get our tickets. There were several people ahead of her getting their tickets. There was one man selling tickets all by himself so the line was building with people wanting to get their ticket. His job was to take the money and put a wrist band on you so if you wanted to go outside and get some food or drink you could get back in.

Paola had a capacity crowd last night so he was very busy. He had a group of three paying for tickets and he was putting the wrist bands on them when this lady with the kids motioned to her kids on the sly to walk past him and sneak in to the rodeo. I wish now I had said something to her but I kept my mouth shut.

My question is what kind of life's lesson is she teaching her children? Is she saying it's OK to cheat if you don't get caught?

— David Kile, Ottawa