It has always amazed me that members of Congress pass laws for Americans and usually will find a way to not have to abide by the same law. President Barrack Obama ordered the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to grant an exemption waiver under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) allowing members of Congress and their staff to receive government subsidies of 70 percent for their healthcare needs instead of having to go through the individual exchanges as all other Americans were required to do. Members of Congress should have to live with the same rules in which they force everyone else to live under.

Congress should have to pay the high premiums and deductibles that all Americans are currently paying. I would think that if President Trump would eliminate this subsidy that both Democrats and Republicans would start working to fix healthcare and stop their partisan crap.

America voted for Donald J. Trump as our president because everyone in Washington D.C. only thinks about themselves and not about the forgotten low to middle class citizens in America. Millions of Americans are suffering with the high premiums and deductibles of the ACA, so it is only fair that they live under the same rules we do.

This is an example for why term limits must be legislated through Congress and signed by the president. What Congress is doing these days is no better then what King George of England did to our Founding Fathers. We rose up once to fight oppression and we will continue until the day we breathe our last breath.

Some members of congress did refuse these subsidies and enrolled in the individual markets as all other America did but very few. Our current Congress members are nothing but part of the “Big Swamp” and it's time to drain them out office and make them get a real job again.

— Joseph Ferguson, Ottawa