There are two ways to look at controversy. Everyone has heard the phrase “the glass is half-full” or “the glass is half-empty.”

This commentary concerns the millennials who are no longer taught America’s history in a positive and educational form in our liberal colleges. They are like sheep being led to slaughter; never thinking logically for themselves and questioning ongoing hateful diatribe.

They become the hateful diatribe. For everyone who dismisses their own family background and history, they should delve deeper.

In 1863 my family members, great-great-uncle and great-uncle fought for the North during the Civil War and my great-great-grandfather was wounded during the battle of Vicksburg, dying nine days later from infection. He gave his life so that slavery could be abolished; what he didn’t do was abolish racism. Racism began in Europe and spread to the African nations where Africans sold their brothers and sisters into slavery to the Europeans to make money. Is the glass half-full? Or is the glass half-empty?

The glass is half-full. Slavery was abolished and millions of black Africans had the opportunity to embrace their new world and freedoms and education that were not available in their African nation at the time.

These freedoms are still true today. Including the racism. All races suffer racism. It will never be abolished because it comes from within. Here is where the millennial masses become sheep being led to slaughter. They mindlessly follow the hateful people. It is time for these young individuals of all races to question hateful diatribe and become self-thinking individuals, not puppets.

Don’t destroy history, learn it and learn from it. Create a positive environment and future for everyone.

— Sharon Cummings, Pomona