We were on I-35 just outside Ottawa when our RV broke down.

Sgt. Blaine Grossoehme, with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, knocked on the door to see if we needed help. I told him my husband was talking to our insurance company to get a tow truck but the insurance company wanted to have it towed a number of miles away and we would have to pay the number of miles over 12 miles.

My husband had Sgt. Grossoehme talk to the insurance about local help which he recommended. The insurance company called back and OK'd the local tow truck which was there about 10 minutes later. The RV was taken to Bennett Truck & Trailer where we got excellent service and was soon on our way back to Texas. Having this trouble in Ottawa, Kansas, was a blessing to us as everyone was so nice.

— Don and Jan Greenwood

 Gladewater, Texas