This is a follow-up regarding a letter that The Herald printed from me a few weeks ago that was addressed to the county commissioners and the county road department concerning the fact that many of the roads in the county had been resurfaced with a dark material but had not been stripped yet to show the driving lanes and the no passing zones, and it was very dangerous at night, in knowing where one was, especially when meeting cars after dark.

First, I stated that I was not aware that any of the roads in the county that had been resurfaced had been stripped yet, but a few days after I wrote the letter, I was in the southern par of the county and noticed that the road I was on had been stripped.

Well, the road that I live on, Sand Creek Road, finally did get stripped, and now I can tell where the driving lane is. Thanks to all who were responsible and I feel that the county should feel fortunate that no accidents, that I am aware of, happened before the roads were stripped.

I had some relatives from out of state riding with me the other Saturday evening, after dark, when it was raining so hard, and I was telling them about the situation, and they could also see my concerns. So again, thanks.

— Gale Woodrome,