All taxes are paid by you the worker and the consumer. Corporations and businesses do not pay taxes. When the government charges a business tax, the business passes that tax along to the consumer by adding it into the price of their product or service. Taxes are just a cost of doing business.

All taxes are paid one way or another by you. You pay tax on the money you earn and on the money you spend.

You pay federal and state income tax, federal Medicare and Social Security tax. What effects your pay and keeps it low is tax your employer must pay in your name, half of your social security tax, medicare tax, and all workers’ compensation tax for you. For the employer, this is more cost of doing business which is added into the price of the their products or services. And you pay that when you are the consumer.

As an consumer you pay federal and state tax on every gallon of gas you purchase. You pay Kansas property tax, vehicle personal property tax and registration fees on all your vehicles, and personal property tax on your home and any outbuildings. Then you pay a tax to get your driver’s license to drive a vehicle. Don’t forget you pay sales tax when you purchase that vehicle. And on every penny you spend at a store like Walmart, Casey’s or the Dollar General you pay 10 percent more on taxes. And if that’s not enough tax you pay to the government, some of the government-run institutions know how to get more from you in registration fees and user fees. Your taxes pay for state parks but if you what a campsite for a night they charge you a user fee which is just another tax. But my favorite is your local school board. They get tax money from the state that we pay and from the property tax levies we pay. Then they charge a registration fee for every child, but the one that always gets me is, if you go to a game to watch your child play sports in the gym your taxes paid for, they want another $5 per head. Now what gets me about that $5 is the school knows they have families that cannot afford lunches for their children and yet they want that family to come watch their child’s sport and it will cost them $10 per game. Give me a break.

The new tax cuts are good for you, the people who pay taxes. Your federal income taxes are going down which means you get to keep more of the money you make when you work. And business taxes are going down which means the price of doing business is going down. That will let the price of products and services go down so when you spend your money it will go farther.

Remember this individual tax reductions could have been permanent except for the Democratic Party. The rules in the Senate are to make these reductions permanent you need to have 60 senators vote for it. And as you know not one Democrat senator wanted you to have a tax cut to begin with! So your tax cut will only last until 2025. Then the Republicans can renew them, because the Democrats want to keep your money. I would bet you the Democrat senator can afford lunches for their kids! Remember this when you vote in November 2018.

All businesses get their money from you. When you raise taxes on them, you will pay it. Remember it’s the worker and the consumer that pays all the taxes in this country!

Joe Nocero, Pomona