We all care for each other...

It’s that hometown feeling...when you feel you belong. You know, when you have a need and someone fills that need unexpectantly. Like when your car won’t start and your neighbor offers advice or a tool to bang around on something. And later, he asks if you need anything while he’s out running errands.

• Or when a friend, who lives across town, is willing to take you to work and home again until your car is fixed and running well again. What a relief – because who wants to walk 16 blocks in a North wind? Thank you.

• When a tow truck company accepts a check for a tow and you leave it on the table with the key for them to haul your car to a local recommended mechanic to inspect. That’s someone you can trust with your valuables.

• Or a local car dealership that loves our community and wants to be involved — works with you, makes a great deal, and cares about your bottom line. They make miracles happen and help you meet that monthly payment on a great vehicle!

• When family and friends let you borrow their car, help you make crucial decisions, or find just the right contact to help put your situation right and give you peace of mind.

• When people driving down Main Street can honk and wave at you and you feel that smile appearing on your cold wind blown face. It warms you up pretty fast.

There is kindness that appears from anywhere, from anyone and the charm that our small town creates; that warm feeling we knew when we were kids living in much smaller towns than Ottawa. You know, where everyone knew your name (and would tell your mom what you did — good or bad). That’s why we are here and that’s why we stay here.

Yes, all these people exist in Ottawa. I’m sure you have all encountered them in your daily walk of life. This is what draws other people to visit, to shop and want to be a part of our community.

They want to move here, raise families and care about each other — because of people like you: We all care for each other...

Thank you.

Lenni Giacin is director of the Ottawa Main Street Association.