The recent obscenities from America’s White House about hundreds of millions of human beings from the Caribbean and African nations of the earth is for all practical purposes a form of treason to the American people. Much will be said about those words which will only undermine America’s mission and honor around the world.

For my part I wish to concentrate on another utterly destructive work, namely, the recent “tax reform” bill, so-called.

That bill will, of course, benefit the wealthiest Americans. It will do little or nothing to halt the alarming fracture of America into a nation sharply divided between the absurdly wealthy and the abjectly poor. It will promote the death and suffering of millions of others who will find themselves cast out of our nation’s health system.

Beyond that, and alarmingly, this tax bill will suck billions of dollars of tax revenue and economic stability out of the nation of Mexico which is struggling desperately to maintain the integrity of its economy in the face of a blowtorch of hostility and greed from this White House.

It is outrageous that the Republican Party is doing nothing to stop this march into poverty and darkness. It will do exactly what the Republicans say they want to stop, which is another gathering storm of desperately poor Mexicans who will try against giant odds to migrate to this country where they think they will be able to feed themselves and their families. The hatred of these people generated by this White House and the Republican Party is in my view a raw, naked attack on Christ Himself.

Nations and leaders that do that are asking for darkness and evil, for themselves and their children.

David A. Lee, Ottawa