At a previous school board meeting, there was a presentation about why a person feels that they don’t have a need to live.

The thing they don’t need is that they are made to feel that they are less than someone else.

The pictures presented were of the brain activity are true. The chemical activity in the brain does change by our emotions not the other way around. The dog tail usually doesn’t wag the dog.

I made a list during the presentation that a child or all people are made that they have feelings of self worth.

If a person is just living for themselves, there isn’t much to living.

Many children don’t have a home environment of discipline or of learning. Basically nobody cares about them.

The school can give a child a feeling of accomplishment.

Some kids break away from this pattern by standing up to the people who degrade them. Examples: The healthier, stronger chickens actually peck the injured chickens to death. With people, the same scenario works but they do it emotionally to others.

People get to where they are through work and dedication to get a piece of paper of achievement. Take away that paper and they are on ground “ZERO”.

The wise men who framed our constitution wrote it well. First thing that comes to mind is equality to all. The other one is misinterpreted. It is the separation of the church and state. Jefferson in a letter wrote “There should be a separation of the church and the state because of the suppression from the church, the people left their homeland to escape persecution and came to America.”

That separation is not in the Constitution but is implied to ensure our religious freedom. Separation of the church and the state and to clarify that the church is an institution. God is a being, a Supreme Being. I am sure that the meaning is not the separation of God from the state.

To prove this, on our coins it says to put your trust in God. When we pledge the allegiance, the pledge states “All under God”. Even today and every day as today is Jan. 22, 2018 A.D. The A.D. is Latin and means in the year of our Lord.

I wrote a list of what the kids of all ages need.

1. To be heard. Please listen to them.

2. That they are necessary and have a job to do.

3. Be assured that we are here to help each other in any way we can.

4. If they don’t get help and support from their homes, they need to know that their needs can be filled by their school family, church family or just a person that makes them feel that they are loved and cared about.

5. Tell them we are all just like them. The difference is that we worked to change our situation.

6. The changes can make their life much easier.

7. If we have not worked to gain knowledge and earn a piece of paper, we would both be in the same place.

8. By acquiring knowledge we gain skills and these skills make us what we are, just as what we can do is who we are.

We are blessed. My wife and I have two sons that live and teach these principals by giving and helping others.

When I call David, sometimes one of his helpers (the kids) answer the phone. Playfully, I will say “who are you?” They say, “You know who I am, I am your favorite.” They surely are because they are in front of me. I buy Neapolitan ice cream. In the container, there is chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. As so in the family, the kids are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Question, which do I love the most? Well, I will tell you. I love all of them as I love the ice creams. Each and everyone of them. The favorite one is that one that is in front of me.

Norman L. Wooge,