I wish to stand up and support the statement in The Herald Feb. 6 by Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell, executive direction of the East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging. I profoundly appreciate her advocacy for a restoration of the policy of “case managers” for senior citizens who need help in navigating the often complex aspects of applying for medical insurance to which they are entitled by every sensible test of enlightened public policy.

My own Mother benefited immensely from such help when she was dealing with a huge load of care-giving and when she felt absurdly humiliated by the way our sometimes very cruel medical care insurance programs work — and don’t work. It is a sad fact that this country is and remains the only major advanced nation on earth that does not absolutely guarantee its citizens health care insurance, totally regardless of their ability to pay out of pocket.

To restore what ought to be available to one of the most vulnerable populations in this country — its older people — is a work of great mercy, and I applaud Mrs. Maxwell for speaking on our behalf. She is a great monument to decent public leadership in this whole region of Kansas. There are a lot of other public officials who could learn volumes from her profound sense of duty and honor.

David A. Lee,