I just read today’s (Feb. 6) paper, including Rep. Blaine Finch’s legislative update and Roxanne Mettenburg’s “Transparency Needed”; a letter to Blaine Finch. The combo definitely deserves a follow-up.

First things first — I presume we have all heard or read this joke, “How can you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving.” No, Blaine, this isn’t throwing a jab at you, actually, quite the contrary. In fact, I want to point out that you, Blaine, have an opportunity to start shredding that joke, which won’t bother me, it really isn’t one of my favorites.

That “joke” just points out that the people telling it are feeling left out, feeling like things are being hidden from them; OK, they do not feel our politicians are being very “transparent”. That means, you, Blaine, as the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, are the person with the best chance to make a major change in the way the Kansas Legislature, the whole Kansas government, does its job for the people of Kansas.

I want to emphasize, you can make a truly positive change. I’m sure some senators and other legislators think the issues raised by the KC Star are just petty little issues, not worth making any big changes to the way the Legislature does “its business” — note I didn’t say the “People’s Business”.

Therefore, I will echo Roxanne Mettenburg’s request, but in a way contrary to my very nature — being brief. I believe we all want you to be the man of integrity, honesty, good judgment and judicious reasoning you can be. We ask you to allow HB 2548 to make it to the floor, and to actively support it along with any and all such actions as are needed to make the Kansas Statehouse a model of how to be transparent, not only in every state but, maybe, even Washington D.C.

John Holland,