Hudson has questions

I recently received a mailer from the State Representative for the 77th District saying “Butler County Property Taxes Must Be Lowered”.
After reading the mailer and after hearing some of the talk going on by Kristey Williams, that representative, I am concerned, bewildered and a lot angry. She wants Butler Community College to just cut almost eight percent from their budget without proposing any way to replace it.
This is the same kind of idiotic fiscal thinking that came out of Topeka from Sam Brownback. The same kind of faulty thinking that has gotten Kansas into financial trouble. The same kind of stupidity that has caused our schools to suffer because under those plans there just wasn’t enough money to take care of the things Kansans want to see taken care of.
Our Butler Community College/BCJC/BCCC was many years in the making and is an important part of Butler County's thriving economic base. It provides affordable education to thousands of students and is an economic powerhouse. The money that comes into Butler County via jobs, taxes, retail sales, real estate base and student spending far outweighs the five mils of taxes she wants to cut.
By the way five mils isn’t much. My home at 2230 Moyle Street is appraised at $110,400. The assessed value is $12,696. The Assessed value is the number that the five mils applies to. For me that means her proposed tax cut is $63.48. I am willing to pay $63.48 a year to keep Butler Community College the vibrant center of learning that it is.
So, why has this suddenly become her Kobach issue? It is an election year and Kristey is again running unopposed. She risks becoming irrelevant because she has no one or nothing to campaign for or against. So she is saying, “Let’s cut taxes”. That has been her buddies' war cry for the past eight years, except for Kobach who says, “Let’s cut voters”.
In a few years when she decides to run for Governor she will be able to say, “Look what I did in Butler County. I helped cut taxes”. She certainly won’t mention the jobs lost at the college. She won’t mention the loss of important curricula. She won’t mention the wide path of destruction she leaves in her wake.
Cutting taxes without providing a financially sound way to replace the income for our college really means, “Hey, let’s find Kristey a good conservative issue and forget  the real cost to one of Butler County’s proudest achievements, Butler Community College”.

Hudson is the former publisher of the Augusta Gazette and the El Dorado Times.