Dear editor

This day is July 3, 2019. Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. The Fourth of July has different meanings to different people.

For sure it is Independence Day in America. Independence from an unfair government.

Last Sunday at our church, a teacher spoke of freedom. Freedom from his presentation was mentioned many times, probably at least 20.

We do have reasons to celebrate that day. Amendments — the Bill of Rights — gives us protection from the government.

When I hear the noise, the fire crackers, I take it that the noise is a symbol that we sometimes have to make noise to be heard. That is our right. Nobody (governing) shall abridge the Freedom of Speech or the news media.

The Supreme Court has held that restrictions on speech because of content, that is, when the government targets the speaker’s message, generally violates the First Amendment.

Last week, before the regular Wednesday commission meeting, a close county employee, advisor to the commission, violated the rules ethically and maybe legally.

He had no right to approach me, trying to intimidate me in a combative tone. When he saw that he could not control me, he went to the police person, violating the ethics code he must adhere to. He is obligated to remain civil.

I will not attend any more meetings during the month of July. Not because of the pressure from anyone, but to find out what your problem is with this commission.

I hope you had a happy Fourth of July and enjoyed the noise and the fireworks.

— Norman Wooge, Ottawa