The McPherson Pipeliners struggled to score runs during their Fourth of July game against the Valley Center Mud Daubers.

 Despite blasting out 11 hits with 9 runners on base McPherson fell to the Mud Daubers 5-1 for their third straight loss.

“You are never going to win a ball game leaving nine on. It’s just the little stuff, and errors are killing us as well. It’s not just one thing,” head coach Caleb Hartman said.

Luke Quick, Marcus McDaniels, and Dominick Trevino were top hitters  for the team. Quick was 3-for-3 at bat.  Hartman said the team’s hitting was off when they were in position to score.

“It’s untimely hitting. That’s what is was,” Hartman said. 

“You get a hit here, you get a hit there with two outs, granted I’ll take a hit anytime I get one, but I like to hit with zero outs so we can have runners behind. I think we made a couple coaching errors too. Not bunting when we should have, but it’s a work in  progress, and we’re still learning.”

The Pipeliner’s only run came in the bottom of the sixth inning when John Mareks hit an RBI single.

Ethan Wilson was starting pitcher for McPherson. 

After three scoreless innings, he gave up a three-run homer in the top of the fourth inning, giving the Mud Daubers a 3-0 lead. Valley Center would score two more runs in the top of the fifth inning. 

Wilson would finish the night with four strikeouts and surrendered nine hits and walked two.

“Ethan (Wilson) has been great for us all year,” Hartman said. “He had a good night.”

Tyler Dunn took over as relief pitcher for Wilson. He was able to keep the Mud Daubers scoreless for the rest of game.

“He’s been on our rotation for this week, and we just haven’t used him yet, and tonight he just did what he supposed to do. Come in and stop the bleeding a little bit. He pitched well,” Hartman said.

The Pipeliners now fall to 7-12 in their league and are sitting fourth in their division behind the Mud Daubers. 

With 14 more games to play in 12 days, Hartman  said he believes the Pipeliners can turn their season around

“We just have one bad inning or two bad innings. We just look like a different team. We lost some key guys, but I’m still confident everybody is coming out and doing their jobs,” Hartman said.

Next game for the Pipeliners will be a double-header against the Wellington Heat at  6 p.m. in Wellington on Thursday. 


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