BASEHOR — Inclement weather struck a blow to the Ottawa High School girls basketball team’s final tournament game. Orginally scheduled for Friday afternoon, the seventh-place game of the Bobcat Invitational was not played due to Holton, OHS’s opponent, being unable to attend.

Ottawa (1-9) will pick up action again Tuesday when it hosts KC Washington (1-9) at OHS, 1120 S. Ash St., Ottawa.

The Lady Cyclones finished the tournament 0-2, falling on Thursday to Blue Valley 49-20. Ottawa played the Lady Tigers close in the second half, but it was a 28-3 start for Blue Valley that put them in a comfortable lead.

Duean Colwell, OHS head girls basketball coach, noted playing in a tournament with the caliber of teams as Basehor-Linwood has takes a lot of experience and basketball knowledge, things that his team is still gaining, he said.

“We talked with the girls after the game about seeing the whole floor because we are not seeing the whole floor and gaps on the floor,” Colwell said. “We don’t see the defender coming in to where our girl is. We have to get a little wider. Those are things we just have to work on and keep playing.”

Blue Valley (49) — Klinge 13, Jackson 10, Anderson 10, Ryan 6, Preyor 4, Clark 4, Behrndt 2.

Ottawa (20) — Curtis 6, Ficken 6, Lane 4, Spigle 3, Evans 1.