Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sheriff says he's still on duty amid investigation

By The Herald Staff | 10/2/2012

Franklin County Sheriff Jeff Curry said Tuesday he has not been suspended pending a KBI investigation of the sheriff’s office.

“I am still the sheriff, and I will continue to be the sheriff,” Curry said Tuesday afternoon.

The sheriff also was present Tuesday evening at a Pomona City Council meeting, where he presented a plan for law enforcement services in the city for 2013.

Curry declined to disclose the nature of the investigation or if Kansas Bureau of Investigation agents executed a search warrant when they came to the sheriff’s office last Thursday.

“A complaint was filed, and the KBI has an obligation to investigate it,” Curry said. “The sheriff’s office is cooperating fully with their investigation.”

Curry said he had not been asked by the KBI to surrender his gun or badge, pending the outcome of the investigation.

“No one in the sheriff’s office has been suspended or placed on leave, pending the outcome of this investigation,” Curry said.

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