Sunday, December 21, 2014

Special 104th birthday


Elsie Toone, Ottawa, smiles as she is presented a birthday cake for her 104th birthday Tuesday at Vintage Park, 2250 S. Elm St., Ottawa. Toone, who is originally from Riley, has been living at the retirement community since the end of 2011. Toone said she didn’t know the key to her longevity. “They tell you before you are born your life has been already planned,” Toone said. “You can’t go out in the middle street and expect a car not to hit you.” Toone said she has done a lot in her more than 100 years of life, including being a nanny for a Topeka family, working at Hallmark in Topeka and running a fabric store with her sister in Manhattan, before returning to the family farm in Riley during her later years. Toone said she married once with no children, but has an extended family including four nieces and nephews, 10 great-nieces and nephews and 12 great-great-neices and nephews.

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