Friday, December 19, 2014

Battle by the bottle


A historic photo from the J.B. Muecke Collection shows seized bottles of liquor being auctioned Sept. 19, 1957, on the porch of the Franklin County Courthouse, 315 S. Main St., Ottawa. The liquor seizure took place when Franklin County was a dry county and a big crowd gathered to watch 102 bottles of seized liquor being auctioned. The Kansas State Historical Society said when Kansas was still a territory, prohibition became a leading political, social and moral issue. The state was a hotbed of activity for the temperance movement, including demonstrations by the famous Carry A. Nation, renowned for her hatchet-wielding, tavern-smashing stance on alcohol consumption. Even after prohibition was repealed nationally in 1933, Kansas remained dry until 1948 when the law was changed to a local option law. Deborah Barker, Franklin County Historical Society director, said Ottawa voted and passed liquor by the drink sales in November 1994.

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