A quick moving storm early Wednesday afternoon caused power outages throughout the Ottawa area.

Power outages were reported in the downtown corridor with traffic lights out at First and Main streets. The Keokuk and Main traffic lights were reportedly flashing red. Two people were reportedly stuck in the elevator at Washburn Towers, Fifth and Main streets.

Tree limbs came down on power lines and knocked out electricity in the 1000 block of Cottonwood, city officials said.

Dennis Tharp, utilities director, said the storm caused circuit 12 to lose power, which covers southeast Ottawa and the downtown corridor.

Dana Stephenson, utility warehouse supervisor, said by the end of the storm at 1:30 p.m., 30 percent of electric customers were without power. He said lightning and downed trees caused fuses to blow on Ottawa’s north side. He said most power was restored within an hour.

“Crews are trying the best we can to restore power to the [residents] of Ottawa,” he said.

The storm caused problems in other parts of the county as well, including in Princeton where a  tree reportedly caught fire after falling on a power line.