Dear eBay Queen: You just cannot make some of this stuff up. I sold a pair of Levis jeans. These are new with tags. My mom bought them for me for Christmas and they didn’t fit. These jeans did not have a mark on them. I only tried them on.

I shipped them out the same day they paid, Priority Mail. Shipping was free. The jeans were $59 at Kohl’s and I sold them for $34.99. I received a “not as described” case from the buyer saying these jeans were not new. I asked him to explain and he says, “Just approve the case so I can send these back.” I message back, “Please let me know what is wrong with the jeans.” He doesn’t respond in two days, so I go ahead and approved the return. I’ve read where you’ve said I could get a strike against my account for not responding.

I receive the jeans back, and they look just like I sent them! The tags are still attached; the Kohl’s tag is still in place. I refunded his money and messaged him, “Thank you for returning the jeans. I am not sure what was wrong, as they still have the original tags and Kohl’s tag attached.” He responds, “Yeah, because I was going to pay return shipping. I see the refund is in my PayPal account, but it doesn’t cover the fact I paid you with a echeck, and it made my account overdrawn. I need the $25 in bank fees to make me whole again. When can I expect that in my account? You know what is going to happen if you don’t give me what I want.”

Well, what do I do about this? My wife told me to repay it because I was selling a gift my mother gave me! What’s your opinion? — Craig

Dear Craig: I would file a report against the buyer. To do that, visit and follow the instructions to report your buyer. They should have a report filed against them for feedback extortion and for abuse of returns. It sounds to me like they knew what they were doing when they opened the case as “item not described” but would give you no explanation as to why the item is just as you sent it. After you report them, I would call eBay and let them know what happened. If the buyer does leave you a negative, you have proof they pretty much threatened feedback in their last line to you.

Dear eBay Queen: I accepted a best offer on an item. The buyer had more than 3,500 feedback and is a seller also. I sent the buyer an invoice a couple of hours after the listing ended. I heard nothing from them, and then I sent another invoice five days after the end of the listing. I heard nothing, so I sent another invoice and asked if they wanted the item. After seven days, I go ahead and file a non-paying alert. I received a response from the buyer less than one hour after I filed. They give me a sob story and then told me to cancel, they don’t want it anyway. I messaged the buyer and told them I don’t think I can cancel since the non-paying alert has already been opened. She messages me back and was not happy. I went and looked at her listings, and she’s listing 25 to 40 new listings a day.

Why should I cancel it? I know I shouldn’t have done it but I messaged her, and told her I was not inclined to cancel because she never responded to me and she is still listing products of her own. She messages me back and calls me a few choice names, then tells me “she’ll get it removed anyway!” What should I do? — Kira

Dear Kira: I probably would not respond again. Since she called you names, I’d close the case as “payment not received.” She could have it removed, but if the eBay CS looks at her messages before they remove it and sees her language, it will probably stick.

Strange eBay item of the week: Item No. 182503099509. I love library lamps. There are many different colors, and varieties. This one is particularly pretty! Beautiful Blue Opalescent Swirl Hanging Oil Library Lamp Brass Prisms. SOLD: $760.01.

Suzie Eads is a nationally known eBay marketer and eBay trained education specialist. She lives in Rantoul. Have a question for the eBay Queen? Email