Franklin County’s 2017 chip and seal project will include 41 miles in the northwest part of the county.

Jim Haag, county public works director, said the project covers about 20 percent of the county’s hard surface roads.

“It is an application of an asphalting product and instillation of chips to preserve the surface of our asphalt roads,” he said. “It is an annual process.”

The county mailed bid requests to five contractors last week and will open the bids on April 11, Haag said.

“The contractor will be contracted to do the work,” Haag said. “We don’t have the equipment to do the work.”

Haag said the project is large and usually runs between $700,000 to $900,000.

The bigger portions of project include 10.5 miles on Thomas and Stafford roads from Colorado Road to Missouri Road, and nine miles on Sand Creek Road from Idaho Road to Nevada Road.

Haag said the project’s timeline will vary.

“It depends on the weather,” Haag said. “You can’t do the work when it is raining.”