Franklin County is accepting applications from property owners who want to participate in the 2017 dust control program.

Jim Haag, county public works director, said the application deadline is April 14. Franklin County is offering to have a contractor apply a magnesium chloride dust control material to rock roads to help restrict dust, he said.

The cost to the property owner is for the material, application and prep work, Haag said, at $1.40 per foot with a minimum of 300 feet.

The county will provide flags to be used for marking the area being treated, Haag said.

“These flags will be placed near your mailbox within 10 days of the application date,” he said. “The resident will be will responsible for marking the area to be treated.”

The program has been successful in the past with more than 90 applicants the past couple of years, Haag said.

In 2015, 91 treated areas totaled nearly 81,000 square yards, Haag said. Last year, 93 areas totaling nearly 85,000 square yards were treated, he said.

“We mail applications to people who participated last year,” he said. “The applicator truck has a measuring device on it. We will start at one flag and go for the distance they pay for.”

Haag said it generally takes about a month to finish the project and usually occurs from mid-April to mid-May, depending on the contractor’s schedule and the weather.

He said the county will open bids today to select a contractor to apply the material.

Property owners needing more information can contact the public works department at (785) 229-3550.