All phases of the bond project continue to be expected to be completed on time and under budget, according to Jeanne Stroh, Ottawa school district superintendent.

“I just wanted to remind you of how far we’ve come,” Stroh said to board members Monday night at their regular meeting.

Stroh explained that Sunflower Elementary School, with a budget of $13.8 million at 19th and Eisenhower streets, is near completion. The street improvements budget at the new school was $951,339.

“At the moment, we have about $3.4 million, really closer to $3.5 million that hasn’t been allocated yet,” Stroh said of the funds for the bond project.

A discussion about how those funds can be used is planned for the school board's work session May 22, she said.

The new administration and science wings at Ottawa High School, 1120 S. Ash St., should be finished by August. The total budget for OHS is $35 million. Safety and security and HVAC/roof improvements for Ottawa Middle School, 1230 S. Ash St., held a budget of $2.5 million, Stroh said.

Stroh said in committee meetings during the first stages of the bond project, and in addition to their vision, they set guiding principles: student-centered, forward-thinking, community-focused and safe and secure.

Interior renovations to the Career and Technical Education Center at OHS are expected to be done summer 2018. In addition, Eugene Field updates, including HVAC system, bathroom remodeling and parking lot renovations will be completed in summer 2018. The estimated cost for updates at Eugene Field is around $400,000. The last portion of the bond project is the performing arts center, to be completed in summer 2019, Stroh said.

“We don’t want to spend down to the last penny because we haven’t even got on the roof at [Ottawa] High School yet, and that’s going to probably cost us more than we’re expecting,” Stroh said.

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