The families of Henry and Roy Swank had a potluck dinner July 27 at Forest Park. Fifty-one attended.Edgar Swank, 81, was the oldest, and Mason Sutton, 16 months old, was the youngest just older than 18-month-old Meredith Swank. Royce Swank was the oldest adult child. Scott Swank traveled the farthest coming from Dodge City.Dean and Louise Hamilton had the most grandchildren, 19, and the most great-grandchildren, 10, and another due in September. Sheri Burton was the oldest grandchild present.Three couples recently were married — Luke and Shirley Matile, December 2005; Winston and Ashley Mille, February 2008; and Emily and Benjamin Warren, June 2008. Of the 11 children present, Devon Coopey, 12, was the oldest.Those in attendence included: Roy Swank’s family of Robert Swank and his wife, Rose, Wayne Swank, Elbert Swank, Alice Marie Huyett, and her husband, Lloyd, and her son, Nate; Henry Swank’s family of Edgar Swank, and his wife, Ramah, Royce Swank, and his wife, Debbie, Derek Swank, and his wife, Lisa, Perrie Swank, and his wife, Kristina, and children, Phillip, Allysion and Meredith, Scott Swank, Emily (Swank) Warren, and her husband, Benjamin, Flora (Edith) Montague, Roberta Denniston, and her friend, Ron, Darlene Mille, and her husband, Kenny, Kendall Mille, and his wife, Sarah, and children, Hayden and Dalton, Winston Mille, and his wife, Ashley, Stephanie Denniston, Irene Tinsley, Louise Hamilton, andher husband, Dean, Charlotte Daniel, Ronald Berr, and his wife, Sherri, Chris Berr, and his wife, Missy, and son, Joshua, Shirley Matile, and her husband, Luke, Sheri Burton and her children Devon, Kevin and James, Angela Sutton, and her husband, Dana, and children, Rhett and Mason.Those unable to attend included: Samantha Swank, Sheri Burton’s husband, Rusty, Jeff Montague, Mike Hamilton and family, Wellsville, Shelley Rice and family, Colorado, Angela MeKeefrey and family, Florida, Roy and Donna Sassaman, Overland Park, James Berr and family, Charlotte Daniel’s husband, Gary, Gary Daniel and finance, Tory Colins, and Julie Ann Wagner, and her husband, Kent, Florida.The family decided to meet for a potluck dinner the third Sunday in June each year at Forest Park.