The county’s 4th district will have a new representative on the Board of Franklin County Commissioners.

Steve Harris’ recall was successful Tuesday night with 1,283 “yes” votes to 443 “no.” The outcome is unofficial until votes are canvassed 9 a.m. Monday.

The reason behind the recall effort was due to Harris’ irregular attendance at morning county commission meetings since April, when he accepted a human resources position at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Topeka.

“We are pleased that vote came out as it did,” Steve Cox, a member of the 4th district recall committee, said. “We wished it did not have to come to this to get what needed to be done done. No doubt the vote showed us that the voters of the 4th district stood together. No doubt they voiced their concern we are not being represented fully to the extent that it needed be.

“We were after something to let people know that people of Franklin County are still wanting to be represented,” he said. “We wish Mr. Harris well. We have no animosity against him.”

Harris could not be reached for comment.

Harris has been a commissioner since 2011 and his term runs to 2019. He had a successful re-election in 2014.