Haag Oil Company — new owner of the former Short Stop convenience store — already has a history with Ottawa, a representative of the Topeka-based company said Friday.

Haag Oil transported gasoline to Chuck Waymire, a former convenience store owner in Ottawa.

“We always enjoyed the town and store back when we were supplying Chuck,” Gary Haag, vice president of Haag Oil Company, said. “We have known the store for years.”

Haag Oil owns 35 gas stations and convenience stores located in Topeka, Lawrence and other Kansas communities, according to its website.

Haag said the company jumped at the opportunity to own Short Stop, 1621 S. Main St., when Liezler Oil approached them.

“Out of the blue, they called and asked if we would be interested in the store,” Haag said. “It is not too often you get to buy a big, nice, well-ran store. It is a very busy store. We were lucky enough to come to terms with it.”

The name will change from Short Stop to Kicks 66 of Ottawa.

“It will still be Phillips 66. We have another Kicks 66 in Topeka.”

One change customers will notice is Kicks 66 offers Hunt Brothers Pizza instead of Papa Johns, Haag said. Papa Johns was a franchise outlet of the former owners, he said.

The store was closed for several hours Friday as the new owner replaced equipment and took inventory.

“You have to get all your ducks in a row,” he said Friday morning. “The big thing is they use a different point-of-sale device. They are taking all their equipment out that communicates with the gas pumps. We have to get our stuff back in there to communicate with the gas pumps. In this day and age with credit card security and all that, you have about six different chains in the link, and they all have to communicate with the same language to make them work. Hopefully, we will be back up in just a few hours.”

Haag said it was unfortunate the store had to be closed for a brief period as the holiday weekend neared.

“I would have preferred not to be doing it the Friday before Labor Day,” he said. “We are plowing forward. It is a lot of work.”