The Faith Lutheran Church in Ottawa is celebrating its 75 anniversary in 2018 and four celebrations are planned to mark the event. The first celebration was Feb. 25 with three more planned on April 29, July 29 and Sept. 25.

The celebration included a morning service with a message by Pastor Earl Zimmerman and a time for members to share their experiences at the church. The service was followed by a meal with the public invited to attend.

“We had a really good service and we thank the Lord for that,” Pastor Zimmerman said.

Faith Lutheran Church began worshipping at the stone church at Fifth and Cedar streets. When the building was damaged by floods in 1944 and 1951, the church purchased land and built a new building at 12th and Cedar streets. A fellowship hall, kitchens and more classrooms were added in 1970.

In 2002, the church moved to 15th Street and Eisenhower Avenue added more classrooms, a new fellowship hall and a preschool. Services times currently are at 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.

At the April 29 service, former educator Peter Lange will be the guest speaker.