The Kansas Department of Revenue, Topeka, on Thursday urged taxpayers to remain vigilant in protecting their information from tax fraud scams designed to steal refunds or their identity.

Scams could come in the form of emails, phone calls, or letters, according to a department news release.

“Often, the scammers use threatening and intimidating language to try to persuade recipients to share credit card, bank, and personal information,” according to the release.

The department advised recipients of suspicious correspondence should examine address labels, email addresses, website links (without clicking), and caller identification. Other scams target company human resource departments to collect employee information from W-2s or other tax documents, according to the release.

Official Department of Revenue correspondence will always include the agency logo and phone number.

“The Department of Revenue takes taxpayer security very seriously,” David Clauser, the department’s director of taxation, said in the release. “We remain focused on alerting taxpayers to dangerous schemes and protecting the integrity of the state tax system.”

The department said it perpetually updates its systems and practices to remain ahead of the latest scam techniques used by purveyors of fraud. The department reviews every one of the 1.5 million tax returns filed each year for fraud, according to the release.

In the case of a legitimate tax debt, the Kansas Department of Revenue said it would bill the taxpayer using official agency letterhead and always with a contact phone number. The department may also follow up by phone, in person, or through a recorded message, but will never threaten Kansas taxpayers with jail time or police involvement, the release said.

If Kansas taxpayers are approached by any suspicious individual regarding their tax information, they are strongly urged to contact the Kansas Department of Revenue immediately. Additional information on identifying tax scams can be found at