The list of gravel streets in Ottawa will shrink significantly after the Ottawa City Commission approved a street rehabilitation plan for 2018.

Michael Haeffele, director of public works, presented a plan to the city commission that includes improvements to both gravel and paved roads.

He said the majority of the streets on the list for improvement are gravel and will get two layers of chip and seal. Other streets will be improved with a mill and overlay.

The commission agreed to put the project out for a bid at a cost not to exceed $181,000. In addition, the plan included $28,985 for dust control.

“The goal this year is to chip and seal all of the gravel streets that we can,” Haeffele said. “There are going to be some left that we cannot chip and seal due to the amount of truck traffic that are on [them] but the rest of the streets should finish up the list.”

Streets on the list for improvement are:


• East Ninth Street from Lincoln to Montana

• West 11th Street from Pine Street to the dead end

• East Grant Street (NS) from North Davis to North Milner

• East Garfield (NS) from North Sycamore to North Cherry

• South Highland from Ninth to 10th

• Liberty Street from Seventh to the dead end

• South Elm Street from Eighth to Ninth

• East Eighth Street from South Cherry to Sycamore

• Red Jacket (NS) from Poplar to Mulberry

• South Pine Street from Seventh to Eighth

• West Eighth Street from Olive to Pine

• West Eighth Street from Elm to Locust

• East Pontiac (NS) from Poplar to Cedar

• North Cherry (NS) from Logan south to the dead end

• Sycamore (NS) from Garfield to North Street.


• Parking lot, 215 S. Hickory St.

• East Seventh Street from South Cherry to Lindwood

• North Hickory Street from First to 80 feet north

• North Hemlock (NS) from East Wilson to East Blackhawk

• South Cedar from East 15th Street south to Concrete

• First Street from Locust to Willow

• Willow from First to Second

• First Street from Mulberry to WRF

• Poplar Street from Fifth to Seventh

• Funston from Seventh to Eighth