General Edward Hand Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution met Saturday at the City Hall meeting room. The meeting was called to order by Chapter Regent Nancy Machnicki. Guests present: Michael Webber, Dr. Ellen Sinclair Webber, Candie Campbell, Dr. John Gollier, Sarah Gollier, Brian Fast, Gabriella Fast, and David Polsley.

Members present: Nancy Machnicki, Lorene Christin, Peggy Paddock, Emily Kirkpatrick, Ruth Chapman, June Butler, Kay Eyeman, Elaine Oakleaf, Barbara Netherland, Gayle Short, Clarice Knight, Betty Wittmeyer, Glenene Brown, Mary Lynn Gollier, Grace Nilges, Susan Davis, Dee Ellen Kruzel, Linda Frederick, Cara Polsley, and Esther Kinsey.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and a Flag Moment was led by Peggy Paddock. The American’s Creed were led by Grace Nilges, and Elaine Oakleaf gave a short report on the writer of The American Creed, William Tyler Page. Candie Campbell, NSDAR Kansas State Teacher for 2018, was introduced by Nancy Machnicki. She gave a report of her experiences at the state conference, held April 5-8 in Topeka, and thanked everyone for the honor, awards and courticies received. A certificate was given to Candie by Nancy. Barbara Netherland, chairman of the DAR Good Citizen Essay Committee, announced Hannah Renea Markus, a 2018 graduate of West Franklin High School, Pomona, and the daughter of Jennifer Markus and the late Tony Markus, Pomona, and Grace Elizabeth Newhouse, a 2018 graduate of Wellsville High School, Wellsville, and the daughter of Samantha Fast and Will Newhouse, were the runners-up of the contest. Neither of these girls were able to attend the meeting. Mary Cooper Gollier, a 2018 graduate of Ottawa High School, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John Gollier, was the winner of the DAR Good Citizen Essay. As Cooper was unable to attend the meeting to receive her awards and certificates, her grandmother, Mary Lynn Gollier, also a member of General Edward Hand Chapter of DAR, read her winning essay. Barbara Netherland announced the winners of the American Revolution Outstanding American History Students: Caroline Webber, a junior at Ottawa High School and the daughter of Dr. Ellen Sinclair-Webber and Michael Webber.

Isaac Wingert, a junior at Ottawa High School and the son of Kathie and Harold Wingert, was also a winner. Refreshments of tea pastries, mints, cookies, punch and coffee were served by hostesses June Butler, Peggy Paddock, Gayle Short, Esther Kinsey, Dee Ellen Kruzel, and Lorene Christin. Guests were dismissed and our business meeting followed. Cara Polsley was welcomed and she gave an update of her accomplishments, activities, and schooling, Her father, David Polsley accompanied her. Our newest member, Glenene Marie Brown, was introduced and presented a program book. Her National number: 981646, Date of acceptance: 05 June 2018. The oath of membership was given by Chapter Chaplain Peggy Paddock. May meeting minutes were sent electronically.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ruth Chapman. On a motion by Barbara Netherland, second by June Butler, the treasurer’s report was accepted as presented. A copy is filed for audit.

Betty Wittmeyer gave the Native American Report.

President General’s Report and National Defense Reports were distributed.

Recognition awards from state conference were presented to Elaine Oakleaf and Ruth Chapman.

Recognized birthdays for June/July/Aug, Sunshine Report given by Chapter Regent Nancy Machnicki.

Announcements were given for events of Summer:

Program Meeting: 10 a.m. Friday, July 20, city commission’s study session room at City Hall. Be thinking of programs you would like to here about for next year.

Aug. 4 tea, First Baptist Church parlor from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. We will honor our anniversaries and have a special member from Idaho, Ellen Ann Wheaton (65 years). Others to be honored are Edith Rader (65 years), Susan Saunders (40 years), Esther Kinsey (10 years), and Cara Polsley (10 years).

Our committee will meet in June and would like to have some discussion about the tea. Elaine Oakleaf and Glenene Brown will share some ideas. Prospective members will be invited.

Old Business: May 3: Nancy Machnicki presented the ROTC Medal to Cadet Kenneth Beck in Lawrence.

A report of the dedication of deceased members on April 21 was given by Nancy Machnicki. We honored Patricia McFarland at Gardner Cemetery, Ann Warren at Highland Cemetery. We had lunch at Janet Broers’ home in Wellsville.

On June 2, several members cleaned headstones at Pioneer Cemetery. This was led by Susan Davis. Pictures were taken and several stones were identified and marked in record books. We are planning a trip to WWI museum June 19. Program: WWI Generals by Ruth Chapman and D-Day By Emily Kirkpatrick.

— Emily Kirkpatrick, Recording Secretary, Pro-tem