Despite slim margins separating some races for local office, all results stand as previously announced. Officials with the Franklin County Clerk’s office confirmed late Wednesday afternoon that no local races were affected by a voting canvass conducted Tuesday morning at the Franklin County Courthouse.

The Franklin County Canvass Committee convened at Tuesday morning, a process that was completed just before noon, but final numbers were not released until Wednesday afternoon. Election canvasses across the state held particular significance this election cycle due to the close nature of the race for governor, along with several close local races.

The closest of the Franklin County local races was that of the 5th Commission District, between Don Stottlemire and Randall Renoud. Unofficial results put the race at 412 for Stottlemire, and 410 for Renoud. After the canvass, the final vote tally stood at 421 for Stottlemire and 419 for Renoud.

Canvasses can alter the previously released unofficial results of local and state races because they take into account “provisional” ballots, or ballots cast with questions about the voter’s eligibility. The canvass committee spent a large portion of its morning approving or denying provisional ballots based on guidance from the secretary of state and county clerk offices.

To complete the canvassing process, Franklin County Commissioners convened to confirm vote tallies and examine ballots marked “provisional,” indicating there were questions about the voter’s eligibility at the time of their vote, and were thus not included in initial vote tallies. Aside from the commission district 5 race, official vote tallies were not available at press time Wednesday. Officials with the Franklin County Clerk’s office estimated official tallies would be released today. Final election results will be posted at as soon as they are available