More than 800 youth from 93 counties have entered 2,026 head of livestock in the 86th annual Kansas Junior Livestock Show (KJLS). The total includes 125 market steers, 363 breeding heifers, 245 market hogs, 313 breeding gilts, 308 market lambs, 294 breeding ewes, 203 market goats and 175 commercial doe kids. The statewide event will be held Oct. 5-7 at the Kansas State Fairgrounds in Hutchinson, Kan.

Entering from Franklin County are:

Ava Brockus, Princeton, Angus Heifer, Charolais Heifer, Brockus, Beef Showmanship

Bailey Brockus, Richmond, Simmental Pct Heifer, Beef Showmanship

Cass Burroughs, Williamsburg, Market Barrow

Alex Cannady, Ottawa, Market Barrow, Dark AOB Gilt, Swine Showmanship

Knox Cannady, Ottawa, Hampshire Gilt, Swine Showmanship

Max Cannady, Ottawa, Market Barrow, Dark AOB Gilt, Commercial Gilt

Logan Confer, Pomona, Shorthorn Plus Heifer, Beef Showmanship

Carson Cunningham, Ottawa, Market Lamb, AOB Ewe, Commercial Comm, Sheep Showmanship

MacKenzie Cunningham, Ottawa, Market Lamb, Hampshire Ewe, Hampshire Ewe, AOB Ewe, Commercial Gilt, Swine Showmanship, Sheep Showmanship

Gracie Ferguson, Quenemo, Market Barrow, Duroc Gilt

Reece Ferguson, Quenemo, Swine Showmanship

Bryce Hatfield, Pomona, Market Steer, Beef Showmanship

Ethan Hatfield, Pomona, Simmental Pct Heifer, Beef Showmanship

Chad Hibdon, Princeton, Market Steer

Adelle Higbie, Overbrook, Meat Goat, Commercial Doe, Commercial Doe, Goat Showmanship

Anah Higbie, Quenemo, Hampshire Gilt, Yorkshire Gilt, Swine Showmanship, LEAD - Junior LEAD

Calla Higbie, Quenemo, Simmental Pct Heifer, Market Barrow, Commercial Comm, Hampshire Gilt, Beef Showmanship, Swine Showmanship, Sheep Showmanship, LEAD - Intermediate LEAD

Cheyenne Higbie, Princeton, Market Steer, Commercial Heifer, Beef Showmanship

Damon Higbie, , Princeton, Market Steer, AOB Heifer, Commercial Heifer, Beef Showmanship

Lane Higbie, Quenemo, AOB Ewe, Duroc Gilt, Dark AOB Gilt, Swine Showmanship, Sheep Showmanship, LEAD - Intermediate LEAD

Jessy Stalford, Richmond, Market Lamb, Commercial Comm

Ella Stinson, Ottawa, Duroc Gilt, Yorkshire Gilt, Swine Showmanship

Emily VanLeiden, Ottawa, Market Lamb, Commercial Comm, Sheep Showmanship

Nathaniel Wren, Ottawa, Angus Heifer, Beef Showmanship