Salvation Army kettle operations are back in business this holiday season.

“We started on Black Friday, and we’ll ring every day but Sunday at both doors of Walmart until Christmas Eve,” said Adam Lynch.

Lynch volunteers as the volunteer coordinator for Salvation Army’s Red Kettle street campaign. For Ottawa, that means stationing volunteer bell-ringers at both doors of Walmart from 10 in the morning till 7 or 8 o’clock at night.

“That’s a lot of time slots to fill it,” said Lynch, who is currently searching for more volunteers after a lackluster start to the season. “We can never have enough volunteers. We have so many times slots that need filled and in fact for the first week of this year we have had less bell ringers than we have in the past. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office came out and kicked us off when we started on Friday morning, but then after that we didn’t have too many bell ringers at all for the rest of the weekend.”

Luckily, the charitable activity holds several appeals for potential volunteers.

“It’s such a great family activity,” Lynch said. “We are having more and more families do it, along with returning 4-H groups. Office teams, youth groups — it’s such a neat opportunity for different groups, organizations and offices to come out and ring as a team. We’d really like to encourage those that are involved with those types of companies, groups and organizations to think about coming out and ringing together. Come have some fun at the kettle.”

Those who do turn out to ring can be firsthand witnesses to the generosity of Franklin County, Lynch said.

“The people of Ottawa and Franklin County are so generous,” Lynch said. “They put money in the kettles on a consistent basis as long as we have coverage.

“The more volunteers we have, the more money we receive, and that means the more families we could help in 2019.”

For volunteer opportunities, call Lynch at (913) 744-8249.