The USD 290 Board of Education voted unanimously Monday to continue a contract with Boys Town, an organization that provides juvenile care programs and training for organizations across the country.

USD 290 purchased consultation packages teacher training packages that totaled to approximately $57,000 -- just over $30,000 from the school’s 2018-2019 school budget and just over $27,000 from the school’s 2019-2020 budget.

“It is a system that gives teachers some tools to address classroom management and behaviors that may happen in their class,” said Ryan Cobbs, USD 290 superintendent. “With this, we are managing our classrooms better than we have ever done before because our teachers have the tools to address the issues that they are seeing in their classrooms with today’s kids.”

Through the contracts, Boys Town will provide training to teachers that will qualify them to teach Boys Town curriculum to their peers. The organization will also provide the school a sort of “audit,” giving feedback on the schools effectiveness at implementing Boys Town practices.

“It’s also been implemented pre-K through grade five at all of our elementary schools,” Cobbs said. “Our teachers have responded very positively to it, and we have seen students respond well to it.

“It’s a huge positive for us in terms of managing our classrooms, and making sure our teachers have all the tools that they need in order to be successful in those classrooms.”